Black Man Spy - Episode 2 - Ukrainian Lives MatterWatch now (62 min) | This week we follow up the first year of war in Ukraine. A US defector to Moscow is the Burn Bag of the week. Top Secret Story Time…

February 2023

NEW PODCAST: Black Man Spy: 001- Mission UkraineWatch now (38 min) | A Video retrospective of what Malcolm was doing in Ukraine, one month before the Russian invasion.
Malcolm Nance on Real Time with Bill Maher: Ukraine: Fighting the Good fightWatch now (11 min) |
Watch the trailer to my new Podcast ... from a year ago!
One year after fighting, “Handsome Joe” was honored in Kyiv. This had to be a stomach-wrenching image for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

January 2023

The Ukrainian war could end quickly if Vladimir Putin loses his mind ... to a high-velocity projectile. But who will pull the trigger?
A plethora of criminals, conspiracists, crackpots and kooks are now in charge of your government and many are beholden to Moscow.
Where will the Russian invasion and attack on Ukraine go in 2023? Does it end in a decisive Ukrainian victory or Russia employing Weapons of Mass…

December 2022

Zelensky’s speech distilled the sacrifices of his people into a stiff shot of courage and defiance America needed. As a Ukrainian Foreign Legionnaire, I…
A Warning on what will happen if Trump is criminally referred to the Justice Department? I analyze the Threat Actors and Risks.
My daily take on threats, intrigue and war from the professional intelligence perspective.
Everyone once in a very great while someone steps up and changes the world. One of my personal heroes who wore a bathrobe while saving the world from a…